Industry Challenges

Nonwoven Industry Challenges


The Misconception or you say Myth created in general for Nonwoven being considered as just another plastic, because of the raw material (i.e. “Polypropelene) is same for Nonwoven & Plastic.

But the fact is due to difference in the Process and Characterictic of the end product, there is substantial proof that its not just another Plastic .
Polypropylene Nonwoven leaves no ecological footprint.. It contributes to waste reduction and the movement away from one-use products, means that its ecological footprint, which is smaller than that of similar alternatives.

We admit that Nonwoven bags are made of polymers of polypropylene but it is pertinent to mention that its properties are much different and definitely environment and pollution friendly than the so called plastic bags abundantly available in market.

Globally NONWOVEN is accepted as a Eco-friendly Product , but still with all the above fact Nonwoven is considered as just another Plastic in India and is denied its rightful status of a “ECOFRENDLY PRODUCT ” .

Another surprising fact about eco-friendly product is – absence of any norms prescribed for “ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT” by the Environment ministry of India, which is why we are finding difficulty in getting the required ECO LABEL to NONWOVEN.

We would urge to look at Poly Propylene Nonwoven bag in a different context, as a blanket ban would not only be unjust but also eschew the possibility of a viable, economical and sustainable alternative for day to day needs of the common man.

Here would also like to draw your attention that with PLASTIC BAGS BAN, NONWOVEN BAGS are the best alternative to Plastic Bags. NONWOVEN COULD BE A BOON FOR THE SWACHH BHARAT AND CAN ACT AS A CATALYST FOR “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN”