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IndiNON is an Indian Trade Association serving the Nonwovens & related industries

IndiNON Manufacturers Association of Nonwoven was initially formed as gujNON (Gujarat Nonwoven Manufacturer Association) by 25.05.2012. Subsequently, to expand the area of Association from State to National level gujNON is changed to IndiNON (Indian Nonwoven Manufacturers Association) by 24.04.2018.

IndiNON is founded as a non-profit organization providing a forum for the Nonwoven industry in which common problems could be discussed and programs to resolve problems & Nonwoven Industry challenges. Also to act as a crusader for eco-friendly revolution, a huge gathering was held at Ahmedabad on 25th December 2011. Since then IndiNON has grown and evolved, to become Nonwoven industry think tank reflecting the changing dynamics of the Nonwoven industry.

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IndiNON Objectives, Mission and Vision



IndiNON is an industry think tank whose objective is :

  • To increase the presence of Nonwovens in day to day life by awareness & Promotion of Nonwovens.
  • To widespread application of Nonwovens by educating the benefits of NonWovens.
  • To increase usage of Nonwoven in daily applications.
  • To carry out awarness campaign in the society that Nonwoven bags are the only substitute of Plastic bags.



  • To bring awareness of many fold benefits of Nonwovens usage in our daily life and thereby develop INDIA as the globally largest Manufacturing and Converting hub for Nonwovens.



  • To be a C R U S A D E R in ” Eco Friendly ” revolution.